Zonar celebrates 10th anniversary

Oct. 26, 2011
In October 2011, Zonar marked its 10th anniversary of providing fleet management systems.

In October 2011, Zonar marked its 10th anniversary of providing fleet management systems.

Zonar began with the idea of improving commercial vehicle safety through technology. The company’s foundational offering was the EVIR electronically verified vehicle inspection system. Today, Zonar offers a range of products and services that includes:

•V2JTM Telematics Platform—next-generation GPS capabilities that combine real-time delivery of vehicle condition with performance data, in one simple-to-install device.

•Wombat—all the power of the V2J inside a case that can handle the harshest environments including mud, dust, snow, and salt.

•ZPass—technology designed to monitor and report student ridership in a safe, reliable and non-intrusive way.

•Ground Traffic Control—a web-based fleet management portal that provides a real-time picture of fleet operations with visibility, ease, and control.

Zonar attributes its growth to customer-driven product innovations and strong relationships with customers who are leaders in their respective markets. For example, Zonar customer First Student Inc transports six million students daily using a fleet of more than 57,000 buses.

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) worked with Zonar to develop and deploy the industry’s first real-time remote diagnostic system as standard equipment on model year 2012 Freightliner vehicles equipped with Detroit Diesel engines. DTNA’s Virtual Technician, powered by Zonar, delivers vehicle diagnostics and fault codes to DTNA’s service centers as they occur making possible advanced repair scheduling and parts ordering—often before the vehicle arrives at the shop.

Zonar also recently developed a new fuel management system called Z-Con. Developed in conjunction with TCH, Z-Con ensures secure transactions, prevents fuel theft, and simplifies the fueling process by transforming trucks into fuel cards. Using multi-factor authentication, Z-Con consistently and accurately identifies a truck and authorizes the fuel purchase by facilitating communication between the truck’s ECM, the fuel pump and the purchasing network—creating a seamless transaction process while ensuring that fuel is pumped only into the authorized vehicle.