Reliable fueld supplies needed to keep the electricity on

Sept. 1, 2009
Myriad electrical and electronic systems are needed for today's trucking companies to be fully operational

MYRIAD electrical and electronic systems are needed for today's trucking companies to be fully operational. Loss of electric power in a hurricane or other severe storm can leave a truck fleet virtually shut down for days and even weeks.

Emergency generators play a critical role in making sure that fleet management systems remain online. Running around the clock — sometimes for weeks — those generators burn through a lot of fuel. Good fuel management is critical.

Earlier this year, Mansfield Oil launched Mansfield GenPro, a generator fuel supply solution with national scale. Quality and supply issues related to fuel are among the top reasons that power generators fail.

“We're licensed to supply fuel in any state — unlike most companies that cannot distribute fuel outside of their state or region, and chances are that when a location is hit with a storm their local supplier is suffering right along with them,” says Tim Jones, a Mansfield national account executive.

While local fuel providers may be incapacitated, Mansfield Oil provides product from over 900 supply points across 49 states delivered by more than 450 bulk fuel carriers and distributors.

“After Hurricane Ike hit the Houston refining complex last year, the outages lasted so long that we stretched our supply lines farther than ever, hauling fuel from Baltimore (Maryland) into much of the Southeast including as far as Florida,” says J Alexander, Mansfield Oil president and chief operating officer. “This year we have expanded our emergency reserves, storing fuel at strategic terminals that are far enough inland to be out of harm's way but close enough to service the entire Atlantic and Gulf Coasts efficiently.”