SafeRack issues Extended Product Catalog

Sept. 1, 2009
SafeRack LLC has announced the availability of its 2009-2010 Extended Product Catalog

SafeRack LLC has announced the availability of its 2009-2010 Extended Product Catalog. The catalog showcases the full array of SafeRack equipment, from loading-rack and fall-protection equipment to ancillary accessories that have been created for a variety of safety, transportation, and processing markets, including petroleum, biofuels, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and dry bulk.

Highlighting this year's catalog are SafeRack's new G4 Series gangway systems. In development for 18 months, the patent-pending G4 Series equipment uses a cutting-edge metal-stamping technology to create a stronger gangway that is also lighter and smoother to operate. G4 gangways are constructed using mainly aluminum parts, which are stamped out in a tool-and-die process and then formed by bending the metal into the required shape, eliminating the need to weld pieces together. This production process is also quicker to perform than the one used for traditional gangway systems. When the user installs a G4 system, its ergonomic design ensures easier raising and lowering of the gangway units.

SafeRack's new catalog also includes descriptions of its other loading-rack and fall-protection systems, including:

  • Permacable horizontal lifeline system — Permacable is a synthetic, lightweight cable strung between L- or T-shaped supports along railcar sidings. It can support as many as four workers at a time and is weather-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant. The bright-orange cable turns a bright red when it wears, alerting the operator that it needs to be replaced.

  • Track-mounted gangways — A track-mounted system allows the gangway to slide horizontally to the location requiring access to the top of the truck or railcar, making it popular with multiple lengths of railcars or trucks with multi-compartment hatches. This system can be combined with a new platform or retrofitted to an existing platform.

  • Safety cages — In many plants, operators need to access the top of a tank truck or railcar that are more than 6 feet off the ground where fall protection systems are required. SafeRack safety cages provide fall protection for operators and help keep them safe while they load, unload, or inspect tank trucks or railcars.

  • Portable access units — Designed specifically for use in either railcar or tank truck loading/unloading applications, SafeRack portable access units are perfect for locations where permanent platforms aren't practical.

For a copy of SafeRack's 2009-2010 Extended Product Catalog, go to or call (866) 761-7225.