BeyondTrucks launches Fuel Transport solution

March 26, 2024
Fuel hauler J.P. Noonan adopts new TMS feature to automate and optimize management of its customers’ fuel tank inventories and deliveries

BeyondTrucks, a multi-tenant SaaS transportation management system (TMS) provider, recently launched its Fuel Transport solution.

One of the most valuable features of the new solution is digital inventory monitoring, the company said. The BeyondTrucks solution digitizes and centralizes all inventory readings from various customers in one place, allowing for real-time monitoring, order point reevaluation, and automated order generation.

“Many fuel transporters who manage their customers’ fuel tank inventories struggle with manual, fragmented processes,” Hans Galland, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Trucks, said in a news release. “With our newest solution, fuel transporters can now turn to BeyondTrucks to eliminate labor-intensive manual work, decrease error rates, and improve service to their customers.”

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New England’s largest fuel transporter, J.P. Noonan is implementing the BeyondTrucks Fuel Transport solution. “Our old processes and transportation management system made it challenging to monitor multiple fuel customers efficiently,” said Mark Cicchini, director of special projects at J.P. Noonan.

“BeyondTrucks allows us to automate this work and unlock valuable data.

“With real-time fuel monitoring data, we can now run our entire fleet operation on a single, streamlined platform and use analytics to make more efficient dispatch decisions and become much more competitive.”

Added Galland: “BeyondTrucks is designed for unique industry needs. Our Fuel Transport solution now extends our core offering of simplifying work for dispatch, back office, and drivers and makes it uniquely relevant to fuel transportation. This translates to improved efficiency, control, and safety for this unique industry segment.

“Specifically with J.P. Noonan, we’re proud to make the most competitive service provider ensuring gas stations in New England never run out of fuel.”

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