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Modern opts to modernize its TMS platform

Feb. 26, 2024
Bulk transportation provider chooses BeyondTrucks' unified cloud-based service to replace its legacy transportation management system

Modern Transportation is making the bold move its name implies.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based bulk transportation provider is replacing the antiquated transportation management system it has relied on for more than a decade, and several other business-critical systems, with BeyondTrucks’ highly flexible, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

The carrier expects to begin rollout and testing at one or two terminals March 18.

“This is like a backbone replacement because it does everything for us, from dispatching to payroll and billing, and integrates with almost every program everybody in the company touches,” Marcus Beadle, Modern information systems implementation manager who is spearheading the project, told Bulk Transporter.

“It’s terrifying in some regards—but exciting at the same time.”

The transition is expected to deliver numerous benefits, including streamlined processes, reduced complexity, cost savings, and future-proofed capabilities, and solidify Modern’s pledge to “innovate the services it provides to chemical, building materials, and packaging manufacturers” in the rapidly evolving segment, the carrier stated.

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“We want to be known for implementing cutting-edge supply chain solutions that work successfully in mission-critical production environments,” Patrick Cozzens, owner and president of Modern Transportation, said in a news release. “To achieve this, we need partners who share our commitment and BeyondTrucks definitely fits that criterion and meets those needs. With this change, Modern Transportation can be one of the most innovative bulk carriers in North America as it helps cement our advantage in efficiency, customer service, and safety.”

BeyondTrucks is particularly valuable to tank truck carriers, who are among the California-based supplier’s earliest and most enthusiastic adopters, BeyondTrucks CEO Hans Galland said. “In the bulk segment, the fact that we’re configurable and adaptable, and users can do it themselves, rather than me putting an engineer behind every unique use case, makes it very cost efficient and attractive,” he maintained.

BeyondTrucks’ multi-tenant SaaS solution combines system integrations, proprietary modules, and adaptable configurations that unify data and workflows for automation and optimization of fleet operations, the company said. Advanced capabilities include order intake automation, smart load planning, dispatch communication, configurable driver workflows, flexible automation of invoicing, and driver payroll.

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If everything goes according to plan, Modern expects to begin a company-wide rollout across its 20 nationwide terminals in April, Beadle said.

Look for more on Modern and its radical TMS remake in Bulk Transporter’s April/May cover story.

“For Modern Transportation, a legacy TMS struggled to cost-efficiently and seamlessly connect the various technologies the carrier needs to efficiently run its fleet,” Galland said. “Changing from one TMS is not an easy decision, but we know Modern Transportation can leverage BeyondTrucks to realize tremendous value for their business and their bulk transportation customers.”

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