EnTrans, Drōv extend Tank Ai partnership

Feb. 19, 2024
The intelligent tank trailer system powered by Drōv’s AirBoxOne is an exclusive offering for Heil Trailer and Polar Tank new builds and retrofits

Engineered Transportation International (EnTrans) and Drōv Technologies recently extended their partnership on Tank Ai, an intelligent tank system available on Heil Trailer, Polar Tank, and Jarco products. The partners say the technology will be offered exclusively on new builds for these brands, as well as retrofits within the installed base.

Tank Ai gives fleet managers and drivers a full view of the trailers’ systems, using sensors and equipment that provide real-time monitoring. The captured data is aggregated through Drōv’s AirBoxOne, the system’s central command. Fleets can use the information to enhance the safety, productivity, and uptime of their trailers, while also lowering maintenance costs, the companies said. Additionally, fleets can extend tire life by more than 50% with AirBoxOne’s proprietary automated tire inflation/deflation technology offered with Tank Ai.

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“We are excited to extend our partnership with Drōv and continue to offer these advanced tank trailer technologies exclusively on Heil, Polar and Jarco products,” Jake Radish, EnTrans SVP and CCO, said in a news release. “TANK Ai is a perfect example of our proven innovation, performance, and safety-driven focus.”

With the extended partnership between EnTrans and Drōv, Tank Ai features will become available on all Heil, Polar, and Jarco product lines, and as a retrofit option on existing tank trailers. The offering adds value to new OEM customers and customers who have these technologies installed as aftermarket equipment at a certified dealer service center.

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“We are proud to extend our exclusive partnership with the leading tank trailer manufacturer in North America and continue to bring new technology advancements to the tank trailer industry,” Drōv CEO Lisa Mullen said. “The integration of Drōv’s AirBoxOne Smart Trailer solutions into Tank Ai provides differentiated safety and operational efficiencies for tank trailer fleets.”

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