Bestpass buys Fleetworthy in bid to boost fleet management

Dec. 1, 2023
Acquisition adds complete tolling, compliance, and safety solution to Bestpass suite of services

Bestpass recently acquired Fleetworthy Solutions in a move that adds a comprehensive tolling, compliance, and safety solution to the Bestpass suite of services.

Fleetworthy is a fleet, compliance, safety, and risk management solutions provider. Bestpass is a toll management and payment platform.

The transaction is part of Bestpass CEO Tom Fogarty’s vision of creating a comprehensive fleet management solution. When asking his customers what they needed apart from the companys toll management and vehicle tax solutions, they frequently responded that they needed not only the ability to track compliance information such as vehicle registration and licensing but also to be able to make sense of it all.

That’s where Fleetworthy’s platform, CPSuite, comes in, Fogarty reported. Combined with Bestpass’ existing solutions, the company has taken one step closer to his vision of an end-to-end fleet management platform: “It’s a single pane of glass for fleet executives to be able to view what’s working and what’s not and their overall program. So effectively, toll, tax, citations, all those things fold right into that visibility layer in those analytics to be able to get your arms around the challenges as quickly as possible.”

CPSuite allows fleets to manage compliance documents and data. It automatically analyzes each driver and asset, creating work requests for anything that needs to be ordered or completed to ensure compliance and safety. Fleetworthy also employs subject matter experts to guide customers through the process. Advisors can even make recommendations to improve carriers processes to achieve compliance more quickly and profitably, improving efficiency to future-proof those processes as the fleet scales up.

Bestpass, Fleetworthy complement each other's features and clientele

“We’re like tight cousins,” Fleetworthy President and CEO Michael Precia told FleetOwner. “We’ve been working with Bestpass for many, many years, so the datasets we understand. We built CPSuite to be an API base, very agnostic. Our customers are going to be able to leverage the value of both platforms very quickly.

“All of our customers are asking for us to be able to really give them meaningful driver scorecards, meaningful scorecards about their assets, and all this data put together gives us the ability to give them a 360-degree view of how they're doing from a risk perspective.”

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