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DAT combats theft with AI-powered identity verification

Sept. 26, 2023
With 56% of freight fraud cases being identity-related, DAT is launching an AI-powered tool to verify identities, ensure the legitimacy of load postings, and monitor, detect, and block fraud in real time.

Trucking research company DAT Freight & Analytics has developed an AI-powered identity-fraud detection and prevention platform through a partnership with Verosint, to help prevent the unauthorized use of customer login credentials and combat the growing threat of identity theft in trucking and logistics, DAT announced.This new technology, which it calls an industry first, allows DAT to leverage AI and machine learning to validate user identities and scrutinize suspicious accounts.

Users of the DAT network can now:

  • Verify the identity of the entities they are doing business with
  • Ensure the legitimacy of load postings on the DAT load board
  • Monitor, detect, and block fraud in real time.
  • Leverage DAT rules, signals, and intelligence to identify signatures and block fraud.

DAT reports that 56% of the fraud cases it investigates are identity-related, driven by account takeovers, credential stuffing, new-account fraud, and synthetic (BOT) accounts.

According to the release, without sophisticated identity verification to detect and preempt potential fraud at scale, operators of online freight networks have to investigate reports of suspicious activity individually, a laborious manual process. This AI and Machine Language-based innovation enables DAT to intervene swiftly and selectively, enhancing its ability to prevent fraud activity before it happens, the company stated.

Mac Pinkerton, president of North American surface transportation at C.H. Robinson, said, “Automated identity verification is a game-changer. The ability to automatically detect and stop cybercriminals in real-time is crucial to a more secure freight marketplace and a testament to DAT’s commitment to fighting fraud.”

The partnership is part of DAT’s fraud-prevention program announced earlier this year.

Stephen Shoaff, CEO and co-founder of Verosint, said: “Identity-based cybercrime is challenging all businesses, and account fraud is a key enabler of these crimes. We are thrilled DAT chose our platform to monitor all identity transactions for real-time detection and prevention of fraud. Our combined expertise will deliver the industry’s highest protection against fraudulent identity events, setting what we believe to be a new standard.”