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Fuel distributor embraces digital operations

May 26, 2023
FleetPanda helps Moffitt Services ‘revolutionize’ operational efficiency across four business segments with its unified dispatch platform

Despite the prevalence of digital solutions, many fuel distributors still resort to pen-and-paper operations.

Moffitt Services isn’t one of those old-fashioned fleets anymore.

The Texas-based fuel and lubricants hauler recently partnered with FleetPanda, a unified dispatch platform designed for petroleum distributors, in an effort to “redefine operational efficiency” across its four business segments: fuel distribution, lubricants distribution, brokerage services, and disaster response.

“Thanks to FleetPanda, every department in our organization is equipped with more information and insight, allowing us to improve efficiency and exceed customer expectations,” Carl Kleimann, Moffitt co-owner, said in a news release.

“We launched a 60-plus-truck operation in a matter of weeks, which is unprecedented in our industry. If you’re looking to conquer inefficiencies within your organization, FleetPanda is the ally you need.”

Kleimann hales from a family with a long history in the fueling business. His vision of serving high-demand markets where downtime is costly has fueled “significant growth” in Moffitt’s brokerage, which is leveraging partnerships to ensure reliable fuel delivery in challenging situations, and utilizing its expertise in disaster response.

However, as the business expands, it faces the growing complexity and costs of inefficient, manual processes, FleetPanda said, leading Kleimann to realize the critical need for a technology-driven solution that bolsters the order-to-billing process, from improving customer experience to accelerating delivery and billing.

In its pursuit of this solution, Moffitt initially found legacy systems that were lacking in innovation, the distributor said. Then it found FleetPanda, a provider known for its modern architecture, adaptable platform, and dynamic team, and saw an opportunity to shape the product’s evolution—which leaders “eagerly” pursued.

FleetPanda’s platform offers many benefits, including system-generated orders, automatic credit approval, real-time visibility, and streamlined billing, helping enhance the customer experience, and Moffitt’s industry position.

“We take great pleasure in aiding Moffitt Services on their path toward digital transformation,” Pavan Maheshwari, FleetPanda founder and CEO, said. “Moffitt Services’ adoption of FleetPanda demonstrates the petroleum industry’s untapped potential for technological innovation.

“The full utilization of our platform by Moffitt Services is a powerful endorsement of our vision.”

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