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Grote showcases 4SEE trailer camera system at TMC

March 2, 2023
The rear- and side-view camera system lets drivers see real-time video in their cab without the need for additional wiring. Camera technology was developed in partnership with Stoneridge.

ORLANDO, Florida—For the first time since its launch, Grote Industries unveiled its 4SEE Smart Trailer System during  American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council here this week to showcase the backup camera system for tractor-trailers.

Grote’s 4SEE wired rear-view trailer camera was made along with electronic vehicle system designer Stoneridge to enhance safety for fleets and drivers. The solution needs no additional front-to-rear wiring as it connects through the standard J560 7-way connector. 4SEE shows real-time video directly from the back and sides of the trailer to a video display in the cab utilizing Stoneridge’s Mirroreye technology.

"This camera solution utilizes the existing tractor-trailer connector, providing fleets and drivers with the speed and reliability of a wired connection through innovation, not additional wiring," said Stoneridge President and CEO Jim Zizelman. "We've leveraged Stoneridge's long history of designing and manufacturing OEM-grade vision systems and Grote's expertise in trailer technology to open the door to next-generation commercial vehicle safety solutions."

4SEE technology allows Grote to link with proximity radar systems to alert drivers using bi-color marker lights on the front of the trailer and on the app in the cab, informing them of dangers like obstacles and vehicles in the path of a backing truck or in blind spots when changing lanes.

Grote's 4SEE Smart Trailer System connects all modules on the trailer via the 4SEE Digital Harness, enabling a hardwired connection to all smart components on a trailer. All component data is then transmitted to a single connection point—the 4SEE nose box—which can then communicate directly to the driver or the 4SEE data cloud, or to a telematics provider. 

TMC attendees can interact with the 4SEE Smart Trailer System at the Grote Industries booth 2035.

"At Grote Industries, we are committed to making the world safer through connected visibility," said Grote Industries President and CEO Dominic Grote. "Since 4SEE's announcement, several major fleets have committed and completed installations of the 4SEE Smart Trailer System, and we have now completed over 1 million miles since we began testing. Through this testing, we continue to see just how paramount it is for fleet operators to have this data and technology. This critical safety system can make a difference in the trucking industry and help save lives."

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