Foley Dash Screenshot

Foley launches driver onboarding service

Feb. 13, 2023
New Dash software-as-a-service platform automates the screening, hiring, and onboarding of professional drivers

Foley, which specializes in driver screening and DOT compliance, recently released an SaaS platform dubbed “Dash” that’s designed to simplify the onboarding and screening of drivers while complying with all regulations and reporting requirements.

“Foley has been listening to our customers, as well as industry leaders,” Joel Sitak, Foley president and CEO, said in a news release. “Dash solves the significant problem of inefficient hiring processes and uses the latest technology to bridge the gap between drivers, human resources, and safety professionals. Combined with Foley’s history of excellence in background screening, compliance, and customer support, Dash is truly software as a service."

Getting safe drivers behind the wheel of commercial vehicles has never been more important, or challenging, the Hartford, Connecticut-based company maintained. The American Trucking Associations predicts that, over the next 10 years, the industry will have to recruit nearly 1.2 million new drivers. Foley’s Dash software enables safety, operations, and human resources teams to streamline the hiring process.

With proprietary phased screening, Dash also allows hiring managers to order specific screens throughout the hiring process. This feature helps to ensure no resources are wasted on candidates who aren’t moving forward. “Dash offers a premium candidate experience and improves turn-around time for the entire team, making it possible for companies to screen and hire a new driver in as little as two days,” the company said.

The Dash driver application platform was designed mobile-first, creating an easy user experience for candidates. The web-based system is accessible from any phone, tablet, or PC. Driver applications can be saved and restarted at any point, streamlining the process and capturing applications from a range of drivers.

“Foley is committed to combining modern software with top-tier customer service, creating a transparent system for hiring teams,” Foley concluded. “Rather than a cumbersome DOT process, Dash provides a simple method for finding and retaining the best drivers.”