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FMCSA revokes third ELD in two weeks

Feb. 10, 2023
The federal agency has removed the One Plus ELD from its list of certified electronic logging devices, marking the third revocation this year and fifth overall since the ELD mandate began.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration removed the One Plus ELD from its list of certified electronic logging devices Feb. 8, the third time in a little more than a week the government agency has revoked an ELD. The FMCSA also revoked the Nationwide ELD Feb. 3 and the ELD One Jan. 31.

FMCSA doesn't comment in its press releases why ELDs are being revoked, stating only that the device doesn’t meet the requirements for ELDs as outlined in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. In the U.S., ELD providers self-certify their devices as compliant with federal standards. Regulators are currently reviewing if FMSCA should be responsible for certifying devices, which is how Transport Canada handles ELD certifications.

FMCSA instructed all One Plus ELD users to stop using the device and to instead use logging software or paper logs. The device must be replaced by a compliant ELD within 60 days—before April 10—or drivers could be considered to be operating without an ELD and placed out-of-service.

Revocations of ELD certifications are not common, with only five devices having been decertified by FMCSA since manufacturers began registering ELDs in February 2016. In addition to the three revocations in 2023, FMCSA removed the ElDorado ELD from the approved list Sept. 7, 2022, and the ArionT ELD June 24, 2022. All other devices on the revoked list have been self-revocations.

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