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Dover to offer ‘end-to-end’ fuel management

Aug. 24, 2022
Manufacturer’s fueling solutions division partners with Dutch software provider to reduce logistical costs, strengthen fuel supply chain

Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) is collaborating with Bottomline, a Dutch supplier of software, planning, and transport services in the oil and gas sector, to offer a “complete, end-to-end fuel management solution.”

Bottomline’s fuel logistics software and services enable customers to schedule, execute, administer, track, and analyze the transportation of fuel from depot to fuel stations and end customers, helping to reduce logistical costs and strengthen the supply chain, the company said. DFS’s wetstock management services collect data to measure and monitor fuel tanks, offering protection against instances of loss by rapidly identifying the source and providing real-time analysis. Together, DFS and Bottomline will offer customers one aggregated fuel management solution that can save retailers 5-10% in costs through automated operations, and result in increased visibility into the fuel supply chain and optimized transportation routes.

“As fuel prices have risen, the cost associated with fuel loss has never been higher,” said David Crouse, president at DFS. “This collaboration helps safeguard businesses by serving as the missing link to a fully optimized fuel management system. We’re excited to offer customers increased transparency into transport logistics and on-site monitoring and provide them with the tools they need to measure performance, identify gaps, and automate processes.”

Bottomline, founded in 1998, facilitates the “safe, efficient, and timely” replenishment of fuel tanks that store products such as gasoline, diesel, propane, LNG, and LPG, the company said.

The Bottomline software suite, now available to DFS customers via the company’s web portal interface, operates via a five-part application:

  • Scheduling: Forecasts fuel orders and automatically schedules onto available trucks.
  • Execution: Showcases approved and scheduled trips on truck drivers’ handheld devices.
  • Confirmation: Reviews delivered fuel loads and forwards data to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for invoicing.
  • Tracking: Provides real-time management of trip status and truck locations.
  • Information: Measures and analyzes performance.

“This partnership is an ideal collaboration for Bottomline,” said Léon van Rijswijk, CEO of Bottomline. “We’ve been looking to expand our business offering on a global scale and were drawn to Dover Fueling Solutions’ forward-thinking vision of taking fuel and convenience retail to the next level. Together we can ensure fuel is transported safely and efficiently—from when it leaves the depot to when it’s pumped into the customer’s car.”

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