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Lytx launches DVIR service

June 24, 2022
The Lytx DVIR Service will help fleet managers proactively identify and address issues with their vehicles, maximize efficiency and dependability of their fleet, and ensure the safety of their drivers.

Video telematics and fleet management solutions company Lytx announced the launch of its Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) service to simplify customer workflow and increase their fleets’ safety.

With soaring fuel prices and a severe shortage of vehicles and parts, maintaining safe and efficient vehicles has become a priority for all fleets. As a result, many fleet managers are turning to DVIRs to help them proactively identify and address issues with their vehicles to maximize the efficiency and dependability of their fleets as well as ensure the safety of their drivers.

The Lytx DVIR service has been developed to help address fleet manager needs and will be available to customers as an additional service beginning early in the third quarter of 2022.

Lytx DVIR service is the next offering that will join Lytx’s all-in-one suite of customizable fleet management solutions, which also include video safety, compliance, maintenance, fuel management, asset tracking, and fleet tracking tools. For fleet managers wanting to combine effective tools with a streamlined approach, Lytx DVIR Service can be bundled with the company’s ELD service or added separately.

DVIR is the formal record that confirms a driver has thoroughly inspected their commercial vehicle before and after taking it out on the road. These regular inspections involve drivers checking essential vehicle components and systems (fuel tank, lights, tire pressure, etc.) to ensure their vehicle is being maintained and can operate safely.

Not only can DVIR result in safer vehicles and fewer accidents caused by vehicle malfunctions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also requires it for all commercial vehicles and vehicles that transport hazardous waste, weighing 10,001 lb. or more, and carry over nine passengers. Noncompliance with FMCSA regulations can result in large fines as well as loss of licenses and certifications.

Lytx DVIR Service

For fleet managers currently using Lytx’s platform and tools, adding DVIR service will provide them with a simplified electronic option that includes a customizable checklist that can be accessed through the Lytx Driver App and Lytx Web Account. Areas of concern within a custom checklist, such as service brakes for a vehicle or trailer, can be tracked closely and issues can be reported directly to a technician or fleet manager.

Drivers using Lytx DVIR service can also upload photos and videos (up to 3 seconds) to enhance their reports and help technicians better understand issues with a vehicle or trailer. Without time-consuming paper reports or having to log into a separate app to access DVIR functionality, drivers can save valuable time by completing their inspections digitally with single sign-on capability within their existing Lytx account.

Lytx does not require customers to purchase ELD service to add DVIR. Customers who already own (or choose to add) one of Lytx’s solutions can add DVIR to instantly take advantage of these tools.

According to the company, fleet managers adding Lytx DVIR Service have seen improvements to the health and safety of their fleets as well as increased operational efficiencies in ways such as:

  • Improved accessibility: Reports and other records can be accessed electronically (for three months) via a single sign-on to the Lytx Driver App or Lytx Web Account.
  • Customized checklists: Easy-to-use checklists can be customized to account for different vehicle types and used to focus on specific areas of concern on a vehicle or trailer.
  • Cost savings: Fleet managers can help avoid claims costs, maintenance fees, and fines by keeping their vehicles safely maintained and DOT compliant.
  • Streamlined workflow: Digital reporting means less time filling out and sending hardcopy forms.
  • Increased safety: Well-maintained vehicles lead to less overall risk on the roadways, particularly when it comes to accidents resulting from mechanical failure.
  • Uptime: Get the most out of vehicle investments and reduce costly downtime.
  • Expedited repairs: Technicians can quickly view reports and see images/videos of vehicle malfunctions that need repair, enabling them to resolve issues more efficiently.
  • Maintenance efficiency: For fleets that do not require DOT compliance, Lytx DVIR service can be used to enhance maintenance programs and scheduling.

Beginning in early Q3 2022, Lytx is offering its DVIR service to all existing customers through month-to-month plans. Each plan is based on the number of vehicles, with each vehicle being able to support multiple drivers.

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