Carriers Edge Dashcam Event Integration

CarriersEdge adds dashcam event integration

March 16, 2022
New system allows carriers to create customized training assignments tailored for their specific needs, existing risk management programs

CarriersEdge recently unveiled its new dashcam integration system that allows carriers to automatically assign and track required training based on dashcam captured events and behaviors. Designed as an open system, the functionality will work with camera systems from multiple leading providers, the company said.

“Dashcam systems have evolved into powerful driver improvement tools, with a range of coachable behaviors being captured all the time,” said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. “Integrating with those systems allows our customers to support their coaching efforts with automatic assignments and tracking of all activities.

“With customized rules and support for different providers, fleets can tailor a program that suits their specific needs and fits into their existing risk management programs.”

The dashcam integration system enables carriers to create and assign personalized programs for each driver. Using a drop-down menu, administrators can create as many rules as needed, specify the type of driving behavior, and set trigger thresholds and periods. The integration system allows for cascading levels of training intervention based on the number and frequency of driver events. Rules are customer configurable and can be changed at any time.

According to Jazrawy, assignments can be a combination of content, including classroom, online courses, surveys, even policy documents, allowing for flexible learning and progressive interventions that match behavior severity and frequency. Once drivers complete the assignments, details are mailed directly to administrators and managers, providing updates on training scores and completion status.

“The ability for our DriveCam Event Recorders to be seamlessly supported by the extremely valuable online driver training programs provided by CarriersEdge is a huge win for everyone,” said Jeff Engle, channel sales director at Lytx. “Combining our industry-leading machine vision and artificial intelligence technology with the world’s largest driving database, we are thrilled to offer more current and aspiring drivers the opportunity to improve their skills and help make the roadways a safer place.”

Dashcam integration is available now as part of a CarriersEdge subscription, with no extra cost for configuration or use.

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