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Transflo ushers in new era of document management for carriers, brokers

Sept. 20, 2021
Intelligent Automation uses artificial intelligence, advanced analytics to optimize load lifecycles, reduce burdensome, time-consuming cost of paperwork

Transflo recently introduced Transflo Intelligent Automation, a suite of document automation services that provide carriers, freight brokers, factoring providers, shippers, and freight auditors new tools to manage and process load documents and paperwork.

Leveraging the industry’s largest digital footprint and the only multi-channel capture network, Transflo Intelligent Automation (TIA) cuts the number of the days it takes to bill customers and receive payment for services rendered, the company said. TIA also minimizes hours spent by back-office personnel manually sorting and managing paperwork, ensures accuracy of document input, and eliminates tracking errors and the need for long-term paper document storage. 

TIA extracts data from digitized freight documents like bills of lading, proof of deliveries, freight invoices, maintenance reports and hours-of-service logs. Document capture can be performed quickly and easily by drivers on the road via the Transflo Mobile+ app or at the 2,500 truck stop locations in the Transflo Express network.

The extracted data is automatically processed and delivered to pre-selected fleet personnel and integrated into accounting, invoicing, maintenance reporting, and transportation management system (TMS) platforms. Documents are then automatically classified and indexed, and then uploaded for long-term storage within a web-based dashboard, the Transflo Portal, which serves as a single point of contact for invoicing, settlements, driver tools, and integrations with TMS platforms.

“Digital transformation is accelerating in transportation, and Transflo’s new Intelligent Automation platform gives trucking fleets, as well as shippers and brokers, the tools they need to digitize all of the documents associated with a load transaction and then automate the processes and workflows associated with those documents and data,” said Don Burke Transflo’s chief operating officer. “Transflo’s suite of Intelligent Automation services empowers carriers, divers, brokers, factoring companies, and shippers to operate within the demands of the modern economy and marketplace.”

With a cloud-based architecture, TIA utilizes machine learning and robotic process automation to improve the automated data extraction and processing functions. Today, Transflo is processing tens of millions of documents per month, with the ability to scale to over ten times the current volume.

Replacing manual processes performed by drivers and back-office personnel, TIA allows carriers to invoice their customers more quickly, resulting in increased cash flow. Easily accessible digitized documents can protect and validate all parties’ charges, invoices, and payments during freight audits. It also provides carriers, shippers, and brokers access to reams of data about their businesses. Longer-term, this will drive insights into lane pricing, benchmarking, routing, and fuel optimization.

“From electronic bills of lading, digital tendering, track and trace, document capture and transmission, data extraction, validation, processing and invoicing, Transflo’s Intelligent Automation platform provides end-to-end automation of the supply chain and optimizes the entire lifecycle of a load of freight,” Burke added.

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