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Trimac adopts artificial intelligence platform for visual data processing

Aug. 6, 2021
Through new partnership, California-based Cogniac’s document imaging solution is boosting carrier’s operational efficiency in billing

Trimac Transportation is implementing Cogniac Corporation’s visual data processing platform throughout its document identification and filing processes as part of a new partnership with the San Jose, Calif.-based provider of enterprise-class artificial intelligence (AI) image and video analysis.

Cogniac designed, and is deploying, the document imaging solution to boost operational efficiencies within Trimac’s billing process, Trimac said. With 3,400 team members and more than 140 branches located throughout North America, Trimac is seeking to leverage Cogniac’s machine vision to drive efficacy in the classification and organization of the millions of documents uploaded, digitally filed, and invoiced throughout the year.

“We believe our AI vision is an excellent fit for Trimac’s unique needs in operations,” said Vahan Tchakerian, chief partnership officer at Cogniac. “By utilizing our platform’s abundant collection of visual data, Trimac will be able to glean important information more quickly and efficiently from uploaded documentation. Our technology is designed to drive productivity at enterprise scale by advancing the management of operational logistics.”

Trimac’s integration of the Cogniac system will provide support and process infrastructure to allow Trimac to focus on its commitment to providing high-quality bulk shipping solutions with a secure supply chain, by accelerating the document digitization process, optimizing workflows, and allowing the company to strategically redeploy employees throughout a range of operations.

“Cogniac’s responsiveness and turnaround time is impressive. The solution is currently auto-processing more than 95% of our documents,” said Deryk Gillespie, vice president of technology and innovation at Trimac. “(It’s) truly a game changer.”

According to Trimac, it processes approximately 2 million driver-scanned images a year, and it is achieving 90% optical character recognition with the Cogniac system, compared to the 50% success rate using previous technology. Since implementing Cogniac’s system in June, the company’s information technology group has seen a drastic reduction in the amount of email generated.

“With Cogniac, we are able to automate a highly manual process, allowing our staff to focus on strategically valuable activities,” said Jennifer Grant, Trimac’s director of processes and standards. “This rollout has improved our team’s work lives.”