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Website redesign showcases ‘new Transflo experience’

May 20, 2021
‘Substantial’ growth includes recent acquisition, new offerings and a more modern, easy-to-navigate website

Transflo, a mobile and cloud-based platform that automates supply chain processes, continues to evolve and bolster its products and services for the trucking and shipping community.

Recent expansion includes new offerings and a redesigned website.

“We’re coming off a year where Transflo saw substantial growth in product innovations and acquisitions. In October, we acquired Microdea, a leader in document management and workflow automation,” said Frank Adelman, Transflo’s CEO. “This has allowed us to broaden our solutions for drivers, carriers, shippers and brokers, giving them one platform for all their supply chain needs. It’s a totally new ‘Transflo experience.’

“It’s given us great traction with our customers, as we’re on track for double digit growth in 2021.”

To showcase its enhanced capabilities, Transflo recently launched an entirely new website, It details the company’s all-encompassing digital platform, which can provide one-off ELD solutions for owner operators, to multi-prong, cloud-based integrated solutions for mega fleets with their own assets and brokerage capabilities.

“Customers can grow with us, ‘unlocking’ new platforms as they grow their business,” said Doug Schrier, Transflo’s senior vice president of strategy. “With full connectivity between drivers, carriers, shippers and brokers, we offer increased freight visibility, streamlined document and data flow, automated billing and invoicing, and more.

“And for drivers, our ‘Transflo Mobile+’ app provides the ability to manage all work in one place, plus have access to integrated solutions, such as weigh station bypass, truck navigation, weather, and driver vehicle inspection reports.”

The website has a more modern easy-to-navigate interface, with the landing page providing information and pathways to the Transflo Ecosystem, the company said. It details solutions for fleets, drivers, shippers and freight brokers, and shows how they all interconnect and integrate within Transflo’s digital ecosystem.

“The supply chain can look complicated with so many moving parts,” Schrier said. “Our company is built on eliminating complexity and streamlining processes for our entire customer base. Spending a little time on our website will showcase our solutions and how we drive inefficiency out of the supply chain, while improving bottom lines.

“Much like our products, the focus is to make it easier on the end user.”

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