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FuelCloud launches delivery system

May 18, 2021
Truck System, which uses company’s patented technology, makes fleet fueling faster, easier, more affordable for jobbers

FuelCloud recently launched the FuelCloud Truck System, a fuel delivery system that uses the company’s patented technology to make fleet fueling faster, easier and more affordable for jobbers.

Built on FuelCloud’s four generations of fuel industry experience and cloud-based technology, the FuelCloud Truck System makes fast and accurate fleet fueling possible without expensive on-truck hardware or manual delivery reconciliation, the company said.

“The Truck System brings everything we’ve learned about tracking
and managing fuel to the world of fleet fueling,” said Kevin Bretthauer, co-founder of FuelCloud. “After more than a year of testing, we’ve built the fuel delivery system jobbers want, with all of the features they need, at a price they can’t afford to miss.”

The core of the Truck System is a software integration of FuelCloud’s transaction tracking technology with the Liquid Controls LCR-series registers (LCR-II, LCR 600 and LCR.iQ) already installed on jobber’s tank wagons. This integration allows delivery drivers to use the FuelCloud mobile app to deliver fuel and record delivery volumes in real-time on FuelCloud’s cloud-based dashboard. From the dashboard, office staff can monitor fuel delivery and create customer invoices using FuelCloud’s automated reporting tools, which reduce the time typically required for reporting and billing.

The Truck System’s cloud-based infrastructure allows for regular updates that improve system performance at no extra cost. Furthermore, the Truck System requires less hardware than traditional fuel delivery systems. Customers don’t need a proprietary driver handheld, extensive on-truck hardware, or local servers at their office.

As a result, Truck System customers can save up to 65% compared to traditional fuel delivery system options, FuelCloud maintained.

Visit fuelcloud.com/truck-system for more information.

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