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Odyssey Logistics spins off WIN

April 15, 2021
Technology-enabled Web Integrated Network now a standalone entity with newly appointed leadership team

Logistics technology platform Web Integrated Network (WIN) recently announced a new executive leadership team as part of its formal spinoff from Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation.

The new executive team includes Glenn Riggs as president, Lindsey Shellman as chief commercial officer and Xavier Amella as chief technology officer. The trio will be responsible for leading WIN as an individual brand and separate entity. 

The WIN platform has the capability to serve large industrial and general markets, enabling manufacturers and distributors to participate in a transportation marketplace that also provides all of the tools needed to execute and monitor shipments, the companies said. The shipper-centric platform increases visibility, cost savings and efforts around sustainability initiatives. Digital transformation continues to be a priority for the logistic industry and investment capital is taking notice. Firms have invested $28 billion in logistics startups, with nearly all of it since 2015. 

“It was clear to us early on that WIN filled an industry void for an open, transparent and neutral platform,” Riggs said.
“We were able to build exactly that, a neutral platform that does not compete with transport brokers or carriers, and provides an open marketplace for the participation of all parties in the supply chain. The focus is on the shipper allowing the use of existing carriers, as well as spot market shopping and execution.

WIN now operates as a dedicated team that continues to build additional features and improvements to the platform for shippers across all verticals. This approach will enable the company to become an even more valuable resource in the supply chain as a necessary neutral technology platform.” 

The WIN platform is well positioned to capitalize on the growing FreightTech opportunity due to the more than 30 years of experience and the depth of knowledge and expertise in the complex world of logistics held by their executive team, the company said.

Leadership includes:

  • Glenn Riggs, president: With over twenty years of industry experience, Riggs has been a key executive, first with Odyssey Logistics and now in growing the WIN brand. His knowledge of logistics has allowed him to be an essential guiding force in the building of this new brand. 
  • Lindsey Shellman, CCO: Shellman has worked with the WIN brand for almost a decade and her leadership has been crucial to the success the company has seen today. As CCO she will continue to be responsible for leading the business and growing it further as a leader of the industry. 
  • Xavier Amella, CTO: Amella has a deep history of experience with technical solutions, previously working as a consultant. Since then, he has joined the WIN team full time and been integral in building and expanding the platform to gain its place as a leading resource for shippers across the industry. 

“The logistics industry is going through a time of rapid digital transformation, and I am thrilled to be playing a part in this progression alongside the other members of the WIN leadership team,” Shellman said. “Industry data has proven that technology in logistics is set to explode. In fact, over the next 10 years digital brokerage platforms are expected to grow 30x and as a neutral player, we can offer the platform to bring all facets of the industry together.

“We’re confident that WIN is extremely well positioned to capitalize on this growth as the leading neutral digital freight marketplace.” 

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