Idelic Samsara

Idelic partners with Samsara

May 8, 2020
Safety Suite platform now works seamlessly with IoT provider’s devices, automatically sharing ELD, camera and driver data

Idelic, creator of the Safety Suite driver management platform, recently partnered with IoT company Samsara to give customers using Idelic software and Samsara technology the ability to automatically upload ELD and camera data to the Safety Suite.

The partnership, which includes truck driver information seamlessly pushing back to Samsara, will give fleet managers unparalleled insight into their operations, and further refine Safety Suite’s predictive capabilities with deeper access to raw fleet data, the companies said.

“Capturing data through devices that Samsara provides is incredibly helpful in understanding driver behavior. Integrating that data into the wide breadth of driver information held within Safety Suite is essential to gaining a comprehensive view of driver risk,” said Hayden Cardiff, founder and co-CEO at Idelic. “Doing so allows fleets to leverage our robust predictive analytics to provide impactful insights into driver risk and inform decisions on how to train and help drivers.”

As a result of the integration, all Samsara-collected driver data will be accessible alongside all other driver data in Safety Suite, giving fleets a 360-degree view of their drivers. Samsara’s rich telematics data, combined with Idelic’s predictive analytics, can help fleets make proactive and data-driven decisions, preventing accidents and reducing driver turnover before it affects a fleet’s bottom line.

“Samsara and Idelic’s combined industry and technical knowledge will foster new opportunities to improve driver safety and unlock insights hidden within the mountains of data available to fleets today,” the companies maintained. “This partnership will also continue to enhance safety for Idelic and Samsara drivers, and all those who drive on our nation’s roads and highways.”