Decisiv Service Data Index

Decisiv provides perspective on commercial vehicle service

Dec. 19, 2019
New Service Data Index will report on CV parts, labor costs across North America

Decisiv, which specializes in Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, recently introduced the Decisiv Service Data Index, which is designed to provide a unique perspective on commercial vehicle parts and labor costs in North America.

“The Decisiv Service Data Index will provide a new and unrivaled look at data that can drive the performance, availability and efficient utilization of commercial assets,” said Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv. “Every day, we capture parts and labor information on more than 10,000 repair events at more than 4,500 service locations throughout North America. Through the Service Data Index we will quantify and report on variances and changes in that data, and offer valuable insights in an easy-to-understand, actionable format.”

By leveraging data on parts and labor costs in different regions, the Decisiv Service Data Index will provide a more holistic view of what is driving expenses, and
enable more informed decisions, the company said. It will help asset owners, fleet managers and service providers better understand and compare parts and labor rates across the United States and Canada, and on a regional basis.

OEMs can use the Service Data Index information to gain insights into trends in parts and labor costs throughout their networks, and to better understand their customers’ experience from region to region, Decisiv maintained.

The Decisiv Service Data Index will be updated monthly, presenting month-over-month and year-over-year analyses of labor and parts costs, and key trends.

“For 15 years, Decisiv has been at the forefront of commercial vehicle service management technology, building an ecosystem of partners and harnessing their collective data to improve asset performance,” said Mark Wasilko, vice president of marketing at Decisiv. “Until now, however, current data on parts and labor rates has not been mined in a way to make it easily accessible, something Decisiv is changing with the Service Data Index.”

Visit to access the new index.