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Zistos HD tanker inspection Zistos

Zistos Corp introduces new 1080p tanker inspection system

Zistos’ new wireless ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System is a video inspection tool that generates images in full 1080p high-definition resolution.

The ZistosHD system utilizes an extended runtime battery that can power the system for up to six hours, the company said. All system controls, such as zoom, video recording and illumination level, are controlled using a system control keypad located on an ergonomically designed handle.

The system also features a self-illuminating, 30X+ (optical) zoom camera on the end of a telescoping pole. The pole can be angled and rotated 360° to allow an inspector to see any area inside a tank. Images can be viewed by multiple individuals at different locations using the wireless video feature on specially configured, rugged 5- or 10-inch displays.

For additional information and requests, contact Zistos at 631-434-1370.

Zistos-HDTankerInspection-PR2019 - sized.jpg

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