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Sure Seal introduces 345-Series butterfly valves

Sure Seal, a leader in bulk transport valves and part of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, announces the availability of its new 345-Series butterfly valves for use in rugged environmental conditions and with various types of loads.

The 345-Series valves have been designed to be lightweight without sacrificing component strength. Flow is improved through the use of one of the thinnest discs and largest valve openings available in the industry, which also requires low opening and closing force.

Constructed of aluminum, the new butterfly valves are available in six sizes, from two-inch to six-inch, and contain no hardware on the disc that can come loose and contaminate the product being handled. All sizes use the same handle, which reduces the amount of inventory that is needed. Additionally, the 345-Series valves utilize industry standard dimensions and bolt patterns.

The valve seats are available in a wide range of materials, including FDA-approved and chemical-resistant compounds such as Viton, black nitrile, white nitrile, EPDM, silicone, and EPDM backed Teflon. This allows the valves to be used with all types of products, from hydrocarbons to oxidizing acids (nitric, sulfuric, etc), alkalis and organic/inorganic acids, and at wide temperature ranges from -50ºF to 350ºF (-46ºC to 177ºC). The 345-Series valve seats are interchangeable with Sure Seal 500-Series seats.

The new butterfly valves are 100% assembled and tested in Sure Seal’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kansas City MO. Testing of the 345-Series valves shows that they will last longer than competitive models in highly abrasive applications while consistently maintaining their low opening and closing torque, according to Sure-Seal officials.

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