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Westway protects facilities against floods

Westway Group Inc announced that it has several facilities serving both its liquid feed supplements and bulk liquid storage businesses that have been minimally affected by the recent flooding along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

The firm has taken steps to protect its assets and those of its customers, and does not expect the costs of these activities to be material to operations of the company. In keeping with risk management processes and standard operating procedures, the company is insured for casualty events and has taken appropriate steps to secure facilities from damage. To date, facilities have not sustained any damages other than some disruption of ingress and egress at a few locations. Additionally, a broad geographic footprint allows the flexibility to shift production and distribution to non-affected facilities.

The only facility Westway has south of Memphis TN, along the Mississippi River, is in Port Allen LA. The firm does not expect the cresting of the river to reach Port Allen until the latter part of May. In cooperation with the Coast Guard and local authorities, Westway has closed dock operations to barge traffic temporarily and does not anticipate that land operations will be affected at that terminal facility.

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