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Voyager can give visibility to blind spots

ASA Electronics offers the next generation of Voyager side vision cameras to the commercial vehicle and heavy-duty industries. These compact, aerodynamic Voyager cameras, when paired with one of ASA's Voyager LCD observation monitors, help eliminate blind spots on one and/or both sides of commercial and heavy trucks.

Voyager side vision cameras are designed to give drivers maximum safety and visibility while out on the road. They consist of a high-resolution, cylindrical camera enclosed in a durable, impact-resistant plastic housing. They are small and unobtrusive and can easily be surface-mounted on either side of a vehicle to aid drivers in changing lanes, pulling into traffic, merging, and making wide turns.

These side vision cameras let drivers see beyond the normal scope of vision provided by conventional mirrors. Each camera has at least a 110 degree (130° for B/W) viewing angle that aids the driver in seeing up to four lanes over without losing site of the truck body/trailer. Voyager systems are designed to withstand vibrations, as well as humidity, condensation, and temperature fluctuations.

E-mail Alaina Weimer at [email protected] for further information.

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