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US Barge delivers another barge to Harley

US Barge recently delivered another petroleum barge to Harley Marine Services. The barge Anne Elizabeth was christened October 4, 2010 by her namesake, Anne Elizabeth Hall.

This barge measures 241' x 64'-6", with a depth of 23'-6". With a carrying capacity of 31,500 barrels, the double-hulled barge is OPA 90-compliant, with vapor collection piping. The barge has two isolated cargo systems. The main cargo is intended to be fuel oil, and the auxiliary system will handle marine gas oil (MGO).

All outfitting was completed in-house by US Barge. The barge is outfitted with a 65' fixed boom and an 11-ton hydraulic crane with main and auxiliary winches. Hydraulic power is provided by twin pressure-compensated pumps with electronic clutches. The barge contains a monitoring system with tank sensors and alarms, and a vapor control system.

This new addition to the Harley fleet carries on its tradition of naming barges for heroes in the fight against cystic fibrosis. Anne Elizabeth Hall was born in 1997 and, shortly thereafter, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She is active in the fight to raise awareness and develop new treatments for the disease. This is the 20th double-hull barge in the Harley fleet and will operate on the US West Coast.

US Barge is owned by Vigor Industrial LLC. For additional information, visit

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