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TXD pumps can reduce maintenance costs

Blackmer's TXD Series sliding vane pumps provide fuel oil truck fleet owners with increased saving on maintenance costs versus other pumping technologies. Traditionally, summer months are used for annual maintenance on fuel oil trucks. The TXD Series sliding vane pumps help lower annual maintenance costs for fleet owners due to their design advantages.

TXD Series pumps are designed with “self-adjusting” nonmetallic composite vanes that allow them to maintain near-original volumetric performance during the life of the pump — meaning these pumps are not subject to efficiency-robbing slip that occurs from wear in gear pumps. TXD pumps were designed around the bearing and seals, so they offer longer life and greater product loss prevention. The sliding vane design compensates for normal wear in the pumping chamber, ensuring like-new performance throughout the life of the product, while the higher pumping capacities at lower speeds increase service life.

The TXD pump can be serviced without having to remove it from the truck or piping. Pumps can be completely rebuilt with piping attached. If a vane ever becomes damaged, replacing it can be accomplished by removing the outboard head assembly, sliding out the old vanes, inserting the new vanes, and reinstalling the head. In minutes, the pump can be back in operation. Simple vane replacement requires no special tools.

TXD pumps come in 1.5- 2-, 2.5-, 3-, and 4-inch port sizes with flow rates from 10 to 500 US gpm and pressures to 125 psi. Adjustable relief valves protect the pump from excessive pressure. An optional air-operated relief valve facilitates hose and nozzle handling. T-type strainers protect pumping systems from damage caused by welding slag and foreign matter in piping and tanks. Air-operated relief valves and T-type strainers are available on 2-, 2.5-, and 3-inch models only.

E-mail Jim Becker at [email protected] for complete information.

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