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Trans Ocean finishes Hillebrand integration

Trans Ocean has completed the process of integration into the Hillebrand Group, meaning customers will benefit from enhanced services and a wider global network.

In 2007, Trans Ocean was acquired by the Hillebrand Group, which operates a global portfolio of specialist logistics companies across a range of industry sectors. The acquisition immediately gave Trans Ocean, which previously operated six offices worldwide, access to a global network of more than 45 offices, opening up new markets for its bulk systems.

Following the takeover, Trans Ocean’s bulk wine operations were integrated into the Hillebrand business, under the leadership of Richard Royans, group bulk wine manager.

Once the beverage business had been incorporated, the process of fully integrating the core Trans Ocean bulk operations into the Hillebrand Group network began, a process managed by Mike Williams of Trans Ocean Southampton, which finalized this year. In many cases, this involved opening new Trans Ocean offices, expanding the Trans Ocean network into new geographic areas.

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