Van den Bosch dry bulk

Takeover of Broekema Bulk underway by Van den Bosch Transporten

Van den Bosch Transporten (Erp, The Netherlands) is taking over Broekema Bulk (Nederweert, The Netherlands) as of July 1, 2018. This has been agreed by Chief Executive Officer Rico Daandels of Van den Bosch Transporten and Director Dirk Broekema of Broekema Bulk.

Just like Van den Bosch Transporten, Broekema Bulk is specialized in road and intermodal bulk transport. Where Van den Bosch Transporten is active in both dry and liquid bulk transport, Broekema Bulk focuses on dry bulk transport, especially feed, minerals, petrochemical products, and dedicated food. The work area covers the Benelux, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

“With the takeover of Broekema Bulk, we aim to further expand our dry bulk activities in Europe,” Daandels said. “Both the work area and the fleet of Broekema are in line with our activities and strategy. We want to further strengthen our position as a top 10 bulk transport company in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, where Broekema has acquired a strong position.”

The dry bulk division of Van den Bosch Transporten already counts more than a thousand silo trailers and silo containers, mainly pressurized silo containers. With the takeover, Van den Bosch Transporten will extend the fleet with modern silo trailers and 40-foot pressurized silo containers. Daandels said: “Van den Bosch has developed into a leading company in the transport of dry bulk products with pressurized containers. With this investment, we further extend both our fleet and our network in this specific segment, the focus being on the extension of our activities in the United Kingdom.”

The business activities of Broekema Bulk will be continued from the head office of Van den Bosch Transporten in Erp, the Netherlands, where the employees of Broekema Bulk will start as of July 1, 2018. Dirk Broekema will continue to be the contact person for the customers of Broekema Bulk.

He is enthusiastic about the takeover: “Van den Bosch has acquired a strong position in European logistics. Our customers will benefit from this extensive intermodal transport network. Next to that, Van den Bosch also has the expertise in liquid bulk transport. Moreover, the takeover results in extra capacity and a wide package of additional logistic services, such as on site logistics and connectivity solutions.”

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