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Signal-Stat line generates interest

The Signal-Stat by Truck-Lite line of LED products has been expanded for the third time since Truck-Lite introduced it in 2004. This line now has more than 40 high-diode-count lamps. Signal-Stat offers Truck-Lite quality LEDs at prices competitive with imported lamps. The Signal-Stat line by Truck-Lite is engineered with globally produced components and put through intense testing and quality control to meet Truck-Lite standards.

New lamps being introduced include 2½" round LED clearance markers with reflex lens, triangular LED bus lamps, 4" round and 6" oval LED stop/turn/tail lamps with clear lens and color diodes. The new lamps carry an extended two-year limited warranty.

The Signal-Stat branded LED lamps are geared to owner/operators and small fleets. They easily retrofit using standard plug connections that make the lamps compatible with virtually all existing trailers.

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