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Schneider, Army Reserve in joint recruitment

Schneider National Inc, Green Bay WI, and the US Army Reserve have launched a public-private partnership that allows the two organizations to recruit, train, and employ individuals interested in both serving the nation and pursuing a career in the transportation and logistics industry.

The agreement provides Army Reserve soldiers opportunities for employment with Schneider National after they successfully complete their military occupational training. The Army Reserve and Schneider National will work together to recruit and train qualified soldier candidates.

Under the program, Schneider National guarantees a job interview for all qualified, participating soldiers no later than 30 days after completing the occupational training with the Army Reserve. In addition, Schneider will give priority placement consideration to qualified Army reservists. In turn, the Army Reserve will advise soldiers of Schneider National driver, office, maintenance, and warehouse career opportunities.

The Army Reserve is collaborating with business leaders to develop staffing solutions to meet America’s industry demands, tackle the issue of workforce preparedness, and reinvigorate America’s human talent to remain competitive in the global economy. The initiative will also help the Army Reserve continue to meet the operational demands of the ongoing global war on terrorism, according to the Schneider information.

Since its inception in April, the Army Reserve initiative has recruited many partners, including the American Trucking Associations.

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