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Qualcomm, GreenRoad offer fleet management system

Qualcomm Inc and GreenRoad have signed an agreement to offer an integrated system that addresses mobile resource management (MRM), safety, and driving behavior. The system, intended for local service fleets, is a combination of Qualcomm’s Service Fleet Manager and the GreenRoad 360 service, enabling fleets to better manage their assets, gain greater fuel efficiency, and improve safety.

This combined offering allows fleets to install a single in-vehicle hardware platform, use one data plan, and access best-of-breed fleet management and driving behavior improvement applications. The integrated service offers fleets an opportunity to realize benefits that come from a combined mobile resource management and technology-based driving behavior service, which requires less administration and can reduce cost by as much as 20%. The combined service is available initially for commercial vehicle fleets in North America and the United Kingdom.

Qualcomm’s Service Fleet Manager mobile resource management system uses GPS technology to give fleets visibility into their assets and provide an immediate snapshot of vehicle information through a web-based interface.

GreenRoad 360 provides a driving behavior improvement service with real-time, in-vehicle feedback and visibility into maneuvers that most affect safe driving, fuel efficiency, and emissions. It combines live, individually tailored driver coaching with web-based applications that continuously rate driving skills. In-vehicle feedback is delivered through a non-distracting LED display that enables drivers to identify and self-correct driving maneuvers in the moment.

Visit for more information about Service Fleet Manager and GreenRoad 360.

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