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Qualawash program recognizes the importance of professional tank truck drivers

Jim Malone, an MC Tank Transport Inc driver based in Fairfield OH, was the first winner of a Garmin nuvi 465T GPS unit in QualaWash’s new QualaCares driver appreciation program.

Malone’s name was selected in the November drawing, and QualaWash will be holding monthly drawings for the Garmin nuvi 465T GPS units. Drivers can sign up online at or fill out an entry form at any QualaWash location.

Through the QualaCares program, QualaWash is focused on the issue of driver sustainability. More on tank truck driver sustainability is available online through the recent Bulk Transporter/National Tank Truck Carriers webinar entitled “Where are All the Great Tank Truck Drivers: How Do Tank Truck Fleets Find Them and Keep Them?” Click the following link to access the webinar:

“Much of our success is dependent on the success of the tank truck industry,” says Terry O’Brien, president of QualaWash. “One of the most critical issues that the tank truck industry is facing, is a shortage of professional drivers, where recruitment and retention of drivers is key to the industry’s success.

“In today’s age, we can’t take for granted the professional driver’s roll in success of our business. In fact, we need to focus more intently on meeting or exceeding the needs of each and every driver who visits one of our locations. At QualaWash, Driver Appreciation shouldn’t be confined to one week per year. It should be displayed every single day.”

“In addition to the driver’s service expectation of a clean trailer, with a quick turn-around time, the industry’s professional drivers deserve safe and comfortable surroundings, allowing them an opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge. In a lot of respects, drivers have a choice of where their trailer is cleaned. QualaWash would like to be the driver’s tank cleaning facility of choice.”

QualaWash’s focus on Professional Tank Truck Drivers includes the following:

  • Upgrading of Driver Comfort Lounges, at all QualaWash locations;
  • Regularly scheduled Driver Days (Driver Appreciation Days) at all QualaWash locations nationwide;
  • Driver surveys--feedback from drivers on service and areas of improvement;
  • Bi-weekly e-newsletter to drivers updating them on upcoming Driver Days and the latest happenings at QualaWash;
  • Monthly drawing for prizes, with a monthly grand prize of a Garmin nuvi 465T GPS unit, specifically designed for trucking applications/restrictions (retail value $599.99), for all registered drivers.
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