Price of diesel fuel climbs for second week in a row

The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel nationwide rose 0.9 cent to $2.928 a gallon, the second straight gain but just the third increase in the past 12 weeks, according to US Department of Energy information.

Prior to the two recent gains, diesel had fallen 6.2 cents over the previous four weeks, and the price is now 19.9 cents below the year’s high of $3.127, set May 10. Trucking’s main fuel is now 37.8 cents higher than the same week in 2009.

The least-expensive price was along the Gulf Coast at $2.887 per gallon, which was up $0.012 a gallon from a week earlier.

The West Coast was highest at $3.071 per gallon, while California, which is not part of a region, topped all prices at $3.132 per gallon.

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