Presidential hopefuls tour biodiesel plants

Renewable Energy Group Inc, biodiesel producer and distributor, welcomed presidential hopefuls Sen John McCain and Sen Hillary Clinton to events in Ames and Newton IA November 6.

McCain attended the ribbon-cutting of the new REG headquarters in Ames. Later that morning, Clinton toured the REG network biodiesel production facility in Newton, and shared her thoughts on the nation's energy needs.

McCain said: "I don't think there's a doubt in anybody's mind that we've been too dependent on foreign oil," he said. "This is another sign of how America is tackling a challenge we face that's very difficult."

Clinton said: "Our nation's dependence on foreign oil places our economy at risk, our security in jeopardy, and our planet in peril. But I believe we can transform the way we use and produce energy, and create at least five million jobs in new green industries."

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