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PowerBroker II aids in decision-making

McLeod Software's PowerBroker II for non-asset-based trucking brokerage and logistics providers has been redesigned with more than 100 new capability enhancements and significant structural changes. In addition, a brokerage container module is available for PowerBroker II users.

Key new benefits of this software include:

  • Cover more loads more quickly — Using a new Carrier Search screen structure with multiple options that consolidates as many as seven search screens into one, brokers can execute searches and quickly determine the most probable candidates to handle an order.

  • Access more detailed information — A redesign of the Carrier Dispatch screen in PowerBroker II improves functionality and visibility of important information. Newly added are command functions that can be used during dispatch to access more detailed information

  • Review safety reports faster — With a single button that links PowerBroker II to the FMCSA-sponsored SAFER (Safety and Fitness Electronic Record) website, brokers can quickly access safety reports from the SAFER system using MC or DOT numbers resident in the software to link to carrier data.

  • Handle container movements more efficiently — Using a new Brokerage Container Module, PowerBroker II expands the capabilities of brokers handling container movements.

Access for further details.

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