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Penske Logistics receives recognition as Best 3PL

Penske Logistics announced it was honored with eyefortransport’s Best 3PL for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Hazmat Award. Eyefortransport is a global provider of logistics and transportation information, research, and analysis, and presented the award at its seventh annual 3PL Summit in Atlanta GA.

Penske Logistics provides a range of supply chain services in North America and Europe, including supply chain design, dedicated contract carriage, and freight management to companies in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and chemical sectors such as Eastman Chemical, Merck, and Cardinal Health. Recently, the company was recognized for the second straight year by Eastman Chemical with a Supplier Excellence Award, and Penske Logistics was the first logistics organization ever to receive Merck’s Sector Operational Award for optimizing ground transportation and driving cost reductions.

Award recipients are determined by manufacturers and retailers nominating and voting on the companies they feel continuously deliver excellence in logistics operations and outstanding customer service.

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