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Odyssey sets transaction milestone

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T) reached a new milestone when the firm and its affiliates recorded 10 million transactions processed per year with their clients and carriers. More than 1,700 carriers are integrated into the OL&T network.

The transaction count milestone included these segments of connectivity for all modes of transport: transportation request messages from customers to Odyssey Logistics & Technology; booking requests to carriers and booking responses from carriers to OL&T planned shipment messages from OL&T to customers; executed shipment messages from customers to OL&T freight estimate messages from OL&T to customers; carrier tracking messages and electronic invoices from carriers; and electronic invoices from OL&T to the customer. OL&T deploys a single technology platform to serve its clients and partners worldwide. The platform is hosted in Charlotte NC.

In addition to XML and EDI transactions, OL&T is also processing almost one million PDF international shipping documents for customers annually. This means that OL&T’s systems are helping customers and carriers smooth the flow of goods through international customs by transferring these documents electronically to the correct parties in the supply chain, and also by tracking the transfer process using OL&T’s Visibility & Event Management module to assure document completeness when borders are crossed.

The SAFRAM Group, a key service provider/carrier for OL&T’s affiliate in Europe, has experienced more than 28,000 transactions per month (since going live with them in December 2008) running through a secured communication channel.

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