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NTTC applauds NTSB’s Most Wanted List of transportation safety improvements

The National Tank Truck Carriers said it supports the National Transportation Safety Board and welcomes the board’s annual call for transportation safety improvement.

NTTC agrees with NTSB on the importance of safe hazardous materials transportation and agrees that distraction, drug impairment, and fatigue are all dangerous. NTTC’s members are always working to improve in these areas, incorporating the best technologies and people-management practices to combat distracted, impaired, and fatigued driving. NTTC is particularly pleased that none of the 45 recommendations in the Ensure the safe Shipment of Hazardous Materials section relate to highway mode transportation. Tank truck carriers carry a disproportionately large number of hazardous materials loads and work diligently to ensure they are transported safely.

“NTTC is pleased that our members' efforts has resulted in zero highway-mode recommendations on the hazardous materials most wanted list,” said NTTC President Daniel Furth.

NTTC is dedicated to highway safety, and it looks forward to working with NTSB, the Department of Transportation, its modal agencies, and other stakeholders to make America’s highways as safe as possible.

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