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Mack Trucks adds SCR Q&A on Web site

Mack Trucks Inc, Lehigh Valley PA, has added a new section to its Web site,, for customers to ask questions about the company’s EPA2010 solution.

Visitors to the Mack home page click on a banner, Talking SCR, to submit their queries and view responses.

Mack announced in June that it will use a combination of exhaust gas recirculation technology and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to satisfy the nitrogen oxides (NOx) portion of the 2010 federal emissions regulations. SCR is an aftertreatment system that involves injecting a liquid urea solution into the engine exhaust stream to break down NOx. Manufactured primarily from natural gas, urea is a readily-available, soluble nitrogen-based compound widely used in agricultural fertilizers and considered a nonhazardous substance by the EPA.

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