MA-TPMS serves as sentinel for tire safety

Mobile Awareness has released a new generation of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) products geared toward commercial trucks, utility vehicles, RVs, and trailers.

The MA-TPMS series automatically and continuously monitors tire status, warning the driver of abnormal conditions with an audible alert and LCD display indicator. This system not only warns of low-pressure and high-pressure levels, but it also monitors hazardous tire temperature conditions. All three warning settings are programmable by the user.

Based on the latest wireless sensor technology, the MA-TPMS series offers several advantages. For example, the tires do not require removal and remounting during installation of the sensor. These rugged and miniature valve-stem sensor transmitters are externally mounted. The design enables the air in the tire to be refilled directly through the built-in valve stem, without removing the device. The result is a low-maintenance system that offers an estimated battery life of seven to 10 years.

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