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Kendall GT-1 upgraded to API CJ-4 quality

ConocoPhillips Co announced that Kendall GT-1 Diesel synthetic blend motor oil has been upgraded to API CJ-4 quality. Kendall GT-1 Diesel is specially designed for use in diesel engines of light trucks and sport utility vehicles, and is formulated to provide wear protection, disperse soot, minimize deposits on critical engine parts, and resist viscosity breakdown even in severe services such as towing and hauling at high temperatures.

The high viscosity index synthetic stocks in Kendall GT-1 Diesel help to improve its cold flow characteristics and high temperature film strength. Higher thermal stability of the synthetic blend helps to improve resistance to oil oxidation and degradation. Special additives in the blend prevent corrosion and wear, and reduce deposits for total engine protection. The combination of low temperature lubrication, high temperature protection, and engine cleanliness helps keep the engine operating in optimum condition.

Access for more details.

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