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Keller Encompass adds its 1,000th fleet

J J Keller & Associates Inc's Encompass recently added its 1,000th fleet, making it the nation's largest enterprise-level ASP to manage Department of Transportation compliance for drivers and vehicles. Developed by Keller, Encompass is a complete enterprise compliance system for businesses to monitor drivers and vehicles subject to DOT regulations.

Encompass standardizes and centralizes critical functions of a business, such as driver hiring and qualification, alcohol and drug testing, driver training and recordkeeping, fuel tax reporting, and maintenance tracking. Users have access to a library full of reports and forms to ensure consistent tracking and reporting across their organization. Fleets typically focus first on their areas of risk, and build stronger safety and compliance as they use more of the Encompass features.

To learn more, visit or call 1-888-473-4638.

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