KAG, DeWitt reach private fleet conversion agreement

The Kenan Advantage Group Inc (KAG) has reached a private fleet conversion agreement with DeWitt Petroleum. KAG will take over the company's transportation fleet through its West Coast subsidiary, KAG West. KAG West will continue to provide dedicated services to DeWitt's customers in Southern California, specifically in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties.

DeWitt has been an established petroleum marketer since 1945 and is a cornerstone in the California jobber community. As a result of DeWitt's commitment to its customers and employees, it made the decision to join forces with KAG to outsource its fuel transportation requirements.

According to Mary Wilson, president of DeWitt, “It really came down to finding a company that would continue to provide the consistent, reliable service we desired, so we could focus on other growth opportunities in onsite and cardlock fueling. With the new requirements from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), we found it incredibly difficult to economically maintain this portion of our business. KAG has the resources available to continue to be a viable fuels delivery carrier in this marketplace. With the extensive knowledge and experience of our drivers, I wanted to make sure they continued to excel in an environment that would provide them with opportunities to succeed.”

“This transaction fits our strategy of acquiring best-in-class private fleets in a marketplace whereboth parties will benefit,” said John Jolly, vice-president of private fleet conversions for KAG. “DeWitt is a strong organization with skilled employees and a very satisfied customer base. We plan to maintain their exceptional level of service and grow with their operations based on our geographic size, equipment, and manpower.”

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