KAG combines merchant gas operations

The Kenan Advantage Group recently merged its merchant gas subsidiaries, Jack B Kelley and Cryogenic Transportation, into KAG Merchant Gas Group.

KAG is North America’s largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider, delivering fuels, chemicals, merchant gases and food products across the United States, Canada, and into Mexico.

“By merging the two subsidiaries into one company, we further strengthened our exceptional services to our customers," said Vern Ingham, executive vice president of Kag Merchant Gas. "It allows us to streamline our operations, better capitalize on our extensive US footprint, capture best practices of both organizations and, most importantly, provide our customers with one point of contact for improved customer service.”

KAG Merchant Gas is the largest transporter of merchant gases in the country. The company has a professional driver base of more than  400 drivers operating a fleet of approximately 350 trucks and 500 specialized trailers in 25 terminal locations across the United States. The company hauls products such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, LNG, CO2, ethylene, hydrogen and helium, which are utilized by numerous industries.

“Based on our size and geographical presence, we are able to better utilize our professional drivers and our fleet, which are so important in today’s transportation industry that is experiencing the effects of a driver shortage,” Ingham said. “We are also in the process of implementing numerous driver programs across the organization to help us retain the quality drivers we have today while also attracting additional drivers to our company. Some of these include an expedited truck replacement program, improved scheduling/dispatch platforms (and) driver mentorship programs.”

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