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Interactive workplace safety training from Instructional Technologies

A new suite of lessons for training on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and Workplace Safety practices has been added to Instructional Technologies' Pro-TREAD (Trucker Education and Development) driver training programs, and its TREAD-1 dedicated computers placed at fleet terminals across the US and Canada.

In addition, the company's newly revised “Summer and Mountain Driving” training program has also been added to all systems.

As with all TREAD-1 and Pro-TREAD training, the new lessons are computer-based and fully interactive. They require a score of 100 percent in order to complete the lesson.

Pro-TREAD lessons are available to drivers and warehouse workers via the Internet. Pro-TREAD In-Cab lessons are available in the driver's cab via DriverTech Fleet Management Systems. They will soon be available with both GeoLogic Solutions and PeopleNet Communications systems.

The new OSHA and Workplace Safety lessons were designed in partnership with Ryder Systems for new drivers and warehouse employees. Lessons include: “Forklift Fundamentals,” “Forklift Operations,” “Back Injury Protection,” “Pallet Jacks,” “Drug & Alcohol Awareness,” “Emergency Response Plans,” “Fire Prevention,” “Liftgate Safety,” “Lockout/Tagout,” “Security Awareness,” and “Spill Response.”

These lessons will also be made available in the near future on

Instructional Technologies' has revised its training lessons on “Air Brakes” and “Coupling/Uncoupling.” Within the new few months, it anticipates introducing a new curriculum on hazardous materials intended to help drivers qualify for a HazMat endorsement to their Commercial Driver License.

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