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Hurricane season good time to make disaster plans

Now that hurricane season has arrived, it is a good time for tank cleaning facilities to plan for the eventuality of all disasters. The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides disaster assistance through its disaster loan program and has posted a Disaster Recovery Plan on its Web site at

SBA admits that it was overwhelmed with requests after the 2005 hurricanes devastated the Gulf Coast, pointing out that the storms caused nearly $100 billion in estimated damages and over 1,400 deaths. As of May 15, 2007, SBA had approved more than 160,000 disaster assistance loans for a total of $6.9 billion in net approved loans ($5.7 billion disbursed) to individuals and businesses, according to SBA information.

Learning lessons from the 2007 disasters, the agency said it has made dramatic improvements to its business processes and is now prepared to process loans faster, provide better quality, and be more helpful to its customers in future disasters.

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