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HOYER Group developing container terminal in Dormagen, Germany

HOYER Group’s Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) business line’s construction project on the Chempark site in Dormagen, Germany, officially started with a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony on November 16. The HOYER Group is investing around EUR 8 million to develop the area as a container terminal.

SCS developed the plans for the building in accordance with the requirements of Bayer AG, for whom HOYER already works at the location. The site will provide space for 624 swap bodies or 20-ft ISO tank containers, and will have six bays with connections for container heating. A ground-controlled portal crane will allow easy shunting. The terminal will comply with the highest safety standards, and is expected to begin operations at the end of 2019.

By locating the terminal operation in Dormagen Chempark, it will contribute to cost reduction and will simplify production and logistics processes for Bayer AG, according to HOYER officials. Liquid-filled tank containers will be held in intermediate storage on the terminal site until needed to supply the plants.

The immediate geographic proximity to the production plants will save time when moving materials to and from plant operations, will reduce logistics costs by eliminating storage outside the site, and will relieve the traffic situation on public highways.

Ulrich Grätz, HOYER Global Director Supply Chain Solutions, said: “We have held intensive planning discussions, and are delighted that we can now begin.”

Jörg Sommer, Head of Active Ingredients Bayer AG, added: “The terminal will relieve pressure on the space situation in our works, and processes will become more efficient. We greatly welcome the joint construction project.”

SCS operates at 16 locations in five countries and has recorded a doubling of its order volume since 2008. The business line’s services combine the logistics expertise of the HOYER Group with know-how in the areas of on-site and off-site logistics, filling, blending, handling liquid dangerous goods and dry-bulk logistics. SCS also operates intermodal and dangerous goods terminals, and supplies planning assistance for change projects in works.


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