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High-Power LED family gets three additions

Lumex has expanded its family of High-Power LEDs. Available in three different surface-mount packages and 34 product variants, these LEDs combine high levels of illumination with low power consumption. They are for use as vehicle interior lighting, animated signs, warning lights and alarms, LCD backlights, or any application where very high light output with lower power consumption of LEDs is needed.

High-Power LEDs in the LuxLEDs package come in 14 versions with emitted colors of yellow, red, blue, green, and white. Chip technology produces axial intensities as high as 24,000 lumens. The LuxLED package has a footprint of approximately 11 " 21mm (0.44" × 0.82"), and it is designed to handle a maximum power dissipation of 320 mW.

High-Power SuperFLUX LEDs in the PLCC-4 package are offered in 10 versions. They are available in yellow, green, blue, white, and orange/red. Axial light intensities range up to 25,000 mcd, with maximum total flux levels of 15 lumens. The industry-standard PLCC-4 package offers a maximum power dissipation of 120 mW.

Lumex's new AstraLEDs provide the highest intensities of all the members of the High-Power family. These 1-watt LEDs deliver a total flux level of up to 30 lumens with a power input of 350 mA. AstraLEDs are designed for use with automatic surface-mount soldering processes. They are available with two different lens shapes for maximum viewing angle and they have extended metal backplanes to allow efficient heat transfer to the PCB or other mounting surface.

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